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Turn-key, no-brainer solutions for the radio industry.
Perfect for online, FM, DAB, pirate - small to large.

The low-down

The low-down

Benefits of working with us

Put simply, we make awesome audio for probably a lot less than the big names out there who’ll woo you with a load of spiel and stats, maybe that 'unbelievable offer' and the fact that they’ve got a huge team and a janitor (which you pay for!)... 

We make pricing simple - based around size. We know one size doesn't fit all, and we will always wiggle and jiggle to ensure you get a custom fit.

We'll do exactly, if not more than the competition - from full station imaging packages down to just a feel and sound ID package for one show, or perhaps even a one-off event (maybe an awards ceremony or conference that needs some really nice intros and sweepers to move from one theme to the next), for less. Wanna dance? Bring it on!

Take A Listen! 

Here's our STATION IMAGING sampler                             

The proof is in the pudding, so the saying goes. Go on, take a listen! Just hit the play button. We can do pretty much anything you want, and we're happy to try and beat any written offer you have to do the same - just better! We're here, ready and happy to make it happen for you. 

Get in touch - get our rate card - ask questions.                                      We'd love to hear from you.

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