Podcasting Production Services

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From telling your own story, making a repeat weekly show, producing a third party or PR piece - we'll help; large or small.

The low-down

The low-down

Podcasting. A 21st century buzz word

We cut our teeth in traditional media and were early adopters and champions of where 'new media' took us. So much so as we were referenced by one of the leading future studies think tanks who were paid big bucks to help the broadcast industry.

Now, what's that mean to you and us? It means that we can do as little as edit your work, or help record it on location or in our studios, or perhaps you want to use our facilities and do it all yourself from within our four walls. Maybe you're a producer but need openers, a close and breaks or similar.

We are so podcast, it's unreal! We charge just 50 of the finest British pence per minute for our in-house services. On-location services will vary per job, and yes, we travel all over the world to record stories, artist interviews and exposés etc. How can we help you with yours? 

Get in touch - get our rate card - ask questions.                                        We'd love to hear from you.