Commercial Production

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Creative minds help make engaging content.
We make radio adverts with vision, flair and passion.

The low-down

The low-down

Benefits of working with us

Our pricing is per produced advertisement and includes the following for the price shown. Yes - we can add variables such as additional voices and variations in finished script. Adjustments are priced transparently in our rate-card. Here's what the standard pricing provides for you:

Single script writing and approval
Consultation on style and voice type(s)
Mock-up prior to recording
Voice artist(s) recording session
Music and effects selection
Production and mastering
Final approval and sign-off
Applicable licensing for 1 year

We make pricing simple - based around size of station, and whilst we know one size doesn't fit all, we'll always wiggle and jiggle to ensure you get a custom fit, the best results and the right price! 

Take A Listen!

Here's our COM PROD sampler                                          

We've done some cool stuff in our time, and we continue to take on requests for making engaging, memorable, recall worthy commercials. Please - take a listen to some of the work we've done. Just hit the play button!

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