Advertising - Through Sponsorship

Connect with your potential customers creatively, subtly and affordably

Any of our exclusive shows and features can be used by you to target a message to an engaged, loyal listener... Take a look...

We have a wide variety of programs to associate and work with.
Place your message directly into the ears of potential customers.

The Low-Down

The Low-Down

Sponsorship: Different, cost effective & fruitful

Working with us directly means your ad-spend goes further because there's no ageny fees to consider. By all means use an agency if you prefer, but our numbers are easily digested either way!

Tell us who and what your target market is, and we'll guide you on which show, shows and / or feature(s) to consider. 

Lastly, tell us what legth of campaign you're working towards and we'll make our suggestions. And, when considering the 'cost per click', that true cost of getting your name out there, reliably and consistantly each week to loyal prospects - we believe we should have a proposition that's highly desirable for you. From just £69 per week! 

Get in touch - get our rate card - ask questions.                                     We'd love to hear from you.