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The love shines through in all we do

Inspiring, creative, professional & personable - you can count on us

Proudly based in Staffordshire, England; our production HQ located in a town thought to have been founded by Mercian prince Bertelin around 700 AD. (We're personally not quite as old). Now we have customers from all over the world - we'd love you as one too.

We love what we do. The fact that we - Lee and Paul - started working together back in the 90's and have grown the business (and grown older) together is one thing. What matters though to us is that we actually still love creating 'stuff'. It's infectious. It actually keeps us wanting to do better each time (not that our first efforts were ever poor either!). 

We believe in transparency, working together and forging long lasting partnerships. We've got talent and ability coming out every finger tip; but what makes us different is the personal willingness to deliver; flexibility, realism and punctuality. Until you're happy - we're not!

Station Imaging

Fully produced, radio station branding



  • Smaller / community stations
  • A customised, turn-key package without compromise
  • Inclusive of license fee
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  • Perfect for medium sized stations
  • Complete, customised, turn-key pack
  • Inclusive of license fee
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  • Aspiring or larger stations
  • Massive package, covering every angle you can think of
  • Inclusive of license fee
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Sponsoring Of Syndicated Shows 

Reach target-specific groups through creative program advertising

Why sponsor a show or feature?
- It works  - It's far reaching  - And is cost effective.
From just £69 per week. It's a great proposition.

Everything we produce gets played on 'real radio' stations and also via on-demand, listen anytime sites creating thousands of listening engagements, in numerous countries each week to very engaged ears. We can even geo-fence what markets can hear your message!

A small investment with the potential for bigger things. A sponsored program allows us to supply our content each week totally free to all our subscribing partner outlets who re-broadcast our exclusive work. Find us a radio station who doesn't want top quality free programming! 'Free' simply means more partners will take our content, ensuring your target market just got even bigger. A win-win for everyone...


Commercial Production

Unbeatable, fully produced radio adverts & publicity commercials


Community Station / Local Station

  • Written, recorded, produced
  • Licensed for 1 year
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Regional Station /       Web-based spread

  • Written, recorded, produced
  • Licensed for 1 year
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National Station

  • Written, recorded, produced
  • Licensed for 1 year
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Podcasting Production

We're purveyors of the podcast

Given how quickly this industry evolves and how podcasting has become so 'right now' and appears set to stay as an additional strong communication tool that's available to a listener / consumer any time they want, where they want it, on any device they choose... You need a partner that can turn on a dime.

We'll produce, we'll edit, we'll record... In other words, we'll provide as little as you need, or the complete turn-key solution - to get your podcast / message ready to roll. 

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Real people who say real things (without being paid to)

Tony Simon

I've known these guys since the 90's and have worked with them on numerous occasions. Consumate professionals and they save me time, money and headaches with their programming solutions.

Radio X 

All our imaging and some syndicated programs have been as a result of a close working relationship with Studio5. Excellent. Nothing else to say really. You can't go wrong. 

Mark H

I needed help with some podcast production. I could record it at home, but had no time, nor the skill to put it all together. Lee and the Studio5 team do a great job at production and providing me a finished result every time. 

John in Houston

Yes, I'm in America, and yes, their services are worth the 6 hour time difference if I need to talk in person. I run a PR company, and Paul produces audio pieces for me and my clients that are second to none. I really mean it, OK, when I say this. 

Other stuff

Other stuff

And now for even more... We also do Voice-Overs Social Media Management  -  Online Radio Station Management  &  Video Promos & Artist Exposés  

In a nut-shell, if we need to make and tell your story with words and or pictures - we can do it. Anywhere in the world. Anytime. We'll work with you. 

We even surprise ourself sometimes on what we do! From green screen interviews to self shot artist exposes, from social media account artist management to hosting and feeding the web with a branded event radio / specialist music radio station, or similar. We'd love to get creative with you - so get in touch.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Love it - or we'll work it until you do!

You place your trust in us due to a number of reasons - maybe because of recommendation, testimonials, work you've seen or heard that we've done in the past, or perhaps we're worth being given a shot. 

Whatever the reason then, the end goal is the same everytime - it's to produce for you work that is what you want, at a fair price and on time. 

We know how to listen and transpose your needs. We know what great sounding / looking work should be like and we'll do everything to ensure it's work you love. Simply put, until you love it, we're not going to stop working for you for the one agreed price at the start. 

Contact Us

You'll find us all over the web - but to save you the search...

Stafford, ST16 3BN, UK

[email protected]